River Ratz 2017 Spring Open at Tydings Park

Thank you to all of our competitors for coming out to fish our spring tournament. Forty-nine teams launched out of Tydings early on a rainy morning for what turned out to be a tough day on the water.

Today's attendance broke our long standing record of 42 teams. We paid out 7 places & lunker. Congratulations to:

1st place; Team Dalton - Rye, 18.98#
2nd place; Team Molz Jr - Brockmeyer, 17.87#
3rd place; Team Ozborne - Rinkers, 16.86#
4th place; Team Sentore - Danner, 16.18#
5th place; Team Chacosky - Thomas, 13.64#
6th place; Team Schrader - Humphreys, 13.31#
7th place; Team Ledden - King, 12.87#
Lunker Pool; Team Kunkel - Smith, 5.63#

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Team Dalton-Rye
​18.98 Lbs
Lunker WInners:
Team Kunkel-Smith
5.63 Lbs
Third Place
Team Ozborne-Rinkers, 16.86#
Second Place
Team Molz Jr - Brockmeyer
17.87 Lbs

Click Here for More Pictures from our Spring Open