Welcome to the Ratz Nest, the meeting place for Maryland bass enthusiasts since 1993.

Located in Harford County, Maryland, the River Ratz Bassmasters are a tournament based fishing club. We pride ourselves on our members' ability to catch the largest bass on the Susquehanna.

Feel free to browse our site. Check out our stats and photos to see some of the finest fishing Harford County has to offer.

  1. Gunpowder Falls June 17th
    Gunpowder Falls June 17th
  2. Bush River July 8th
    Bush River July 8th
  3. Middle River August 12th
    Middle River August 12th
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How To Find Bass
Here are the basics on how I find fish on any given day without going into seasonal patterns. 
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10 lb. Bass on a Chatterbait. Spring Bass Fishing
2nd News Article Here
The chatterbait is one of my favorite lures to use during the spawning periods of the Spring. You can fish it in grass, cover lots of water, and it creates vibrations that lure in those big female bass. I will break down the chatterbait vs. spinnerbait and what types of trailers to use in my next video. 
Details on second news article